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Nature Nuts

We are all nuts for nature, and with my passion for the outdoors and it's varied and wonderful wildlife, my desire is to share what I know and have seen, with as many people as possible. Perthshire has so much to offer on both the scenery and wildlife side of things and we at Nature Nuts would love to go that one step further to deliver the perfect and memorable tour to you.


I offer a variety of tours, but I remain quite fluid, and will happily deliver a tour of your choice. Our current specialities are Pine Martens and Beavers, though we offer so much more besides, just ask and we will see what we can do. I'm known as Bob the "beaverboy" and have been involved with beaver tours for a number of years now. I was a Trustee of SWBG (Scottish Wild Beaver Group)  for  3 years and a volunteer for Beaver Lodge production for TBSG (Tayside Beaver Study Group). I am still an active member of the charity (SWBG) promoting this wonderful keystone species, spending well over 3000hrs by the river watching the beaver over the last 8 years or so. I am possibly THE original beaver tour provider in the area, delivering sightings to around about 2000 people from near and far so far; from as far afield as New Zealand, Italy and America; to locals to the area, Perthshire, Scotland and the UK in general.

So who else to take you on that perfect tour? With a 100% sighting rate over the last 5 years, 98% for the years previous, you would be wise to choose a Nature Nuts beaver tour. Close at hand we have Glenshee and we have a kilted guide that will willingly take you up either your first Munro or a series of our highest peaks (and a wee dram on your first Munro conquered thrown in). Further afield and within a 90 minute drive we have other Glens and moors, lochs, rivers and even the seaside, which all offer a multitude of different target species. You name it and we will endeavour to provide.  Our Woodland/Pine Marten hide has been really productive in providing viewings of so many different species, over 60 to date, but the favourite is the Pine Marten!! Well over 85% of my guests have witnessed these stunning creatures.















So, a wee bit about Nature Nuts and me. I am, as you may well realise, passionate about the outdoors and wildlife. My dad introduced me to nature and all it stood for when I was a youngster and I must admit, I  loved it all. Saying that, I can't say I loved getting up at 0400 in the morning to go out with him and witness all that the local wildlife had to offer at the crack of dawn., but once out there I was hooked. From Black Grouse leks, Hen Harriers, Short Eared Owls and Merlins on the moor to secret Osprey nests, Wildcat abundant and occasionally seen, Golden Eagle eyries, watching Peregrines in a city centre and on crags, Capercaillies in a pineland, Goshawks in a woodland/moorland, Pine Martens in a Gamekeepers garage attic and a Nuthatch in same keepers post box; Ptarmigan, Dottrel, Golden Plover, Snow Bunting and Red Grouse on the peaks, Red Stags rutting, Starling murmurations at the reed beds, 10,000 geese rising as one at a red dawn, Marsh Harriers, Black Throated Divers on a few hidden highland lochs, all were something else and if truth be told, wonderous experiences that I can't thank my Dad enough for as they very special times.

Things though have definitely changed over the last 40 years with the decline in a lot of species numbers, but thankfully the increase of others and one new addition, the Eurasian Beaver. The majority of these creatures are still here if you know where to look; and Nature Nuts do know where to look for the majority. So, whether it be on a wee stroll through the local paths around Blairgowrie, walking on the moors, sitting by the river or at our woodland hide to stomping up one or more of our local Munro's; Hail, snow, rain or shine, I will show you things that I just love and hopefully you will to, whether it be either flora, fauna or scenery. The one thing I love most of all though  is sharing  the experience; to see the look on someones face at reaching their first Munro, or seeing their first Beaver, Otter, Kingfisher, Golden Eagle, Pine Marten or whatever, means so much to me and it really is something that I hold dear. My clients aren't really clients in my eye, they are my best friends on the day and I will try my hardest , as previous guests will contest, to do everything I can to provide a great day out for them.

 So why not join me on one of my tours? I can't always guarantee the subject at hand but I will guarantee a good day/evening out and definitely  a few laughs. On my travels I have been lucky enough over the past few years to have made a few TV appearances, accompanying the likes of Susan Calman with "Secret Scotland", Martin Hughes-Games from Springwatch, Ellie Harrison from Countryfile and Julian Clary on his wildlife "nature nuts" TV show to the river and my hide, as well as a good few "behind the scenes" action facilitating various fireelance film makers and numerous "well known" shows such as the BBC One Show amongst others. It's all been great fun but what it did was highlight the beavers, nature, our local community and what we have in my local patch of Scotland. Apparently I'm  the "go-to" man for the local beaver families and their background for Auntie Beeb and others which, in all truth,  is not only humbling but is more than a privilege.


















Eurasian Beaver
Black Grouse
Greater Spotted Woodpecker
Highland Cow
Fallow with albino stag
Red Squirrel
Green Woodpecker

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